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How can you ask for a commission? (CLOSED AT THE MOMENT)
How can you ask for a commission?
All you have to do is:
1) Head to my profile
2) click on the "Give" button on the top right hand corner
3) Click on "Give Points"
4) Enter the total amount of points that you are spending
5) Specify what character(s) you want me to draw, what deal you want (Simple (1:1 or 4:3) or Detailed (1:1 or 16:9)), and include what extra deals you want in the message box.
6) Click on "Give" and I will be hard at work!

SIMPLE (1:1 or 4:3 aspect ratio)
Chibi Krios by gunray10
2 POINTS= Will draw your character 
1 extra POINT= Will add a simple scenery
1+ extra POINT(S)= 1 point per extra character
MORE DETAILED (1:1 or 16:9 aspect ratio)
Krios - See you later, Summer. by gunray10
MORE DETAILED (1:1 or 16:9 aspect ratio)
4 POINTS= Will draw your character
2 extra POINT= Will add a detailed scenery
3+ extra POINTS= 2 points per extra character


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Chris A.
Artist | Hobbyist | Other
United States
gunray10 Icon by gunray10

Age: 18
Birthday: April 7
Gender: Male
Location: United States ,California
 Music Genre(s):Techno,Rock,Jazz
  Game Genre(s):Strategy,Fighting,Rhythm

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The STAMP by pyromancyKagami's dream by kyutenzukenAB11 Generation Stamp (Gunray10) by gunray10Mad Scientist Professor Utonium by TheTitan99

New Violet Sonic Boom by EvolWayz

Character Design - 5 - Though I usually don't like people using hedgehog characters, I do like her design and her clothing, I do like clothing that are simplistic but yet can still look great.

Personality - 8 - Nothing much on her personality, seems pretty straight forward

Backstory - 3 - For one thing, her backstory seems too unforgiving and doesn't quite fit with her personality. Another thing is I have no idea where she trained, how she got around during the training or how her training caught the eye of Sonic and the others. Maybe include something like her being endanger while Sonic was strolling around, or maybe have her empower many foes while sonic just decided to join in.
It just feels rushed to have her train this whole time and NOT feel remorse for what happened, anger toward who caused it, or fear for what will come to be, before or during the time she met Sonic. You can make her have friends, heck, you can even pair her with a canon character, but you either change her backstory to fit her personality or vise versa, heck, change both if you can. So if anything, explain more.

Environment - 4 - How everyone treats her seems too straight forward (then again, these are mostly canon characters we are talking about), either people like her or hate her.

Creativity - 4 - I do like how shes powerless, though I question how this could be of any help against Eggman or Metal Sonic. Also, name one person who likes being lied to or enjoys getting pestered.

Average - 4.8 - Though not harming anyone, you should really make massive changes to her backstory and add more variety to her environment. Also, don't use dislikes that apply to everyone. Though I did somewhat like her outfit and her personality is pretty straight forward.

Also, if I am missing anything in this review, you may tell me ONLY ONCE and I will change the review.

Ajatar the raiden-sama:. character ref by misty314++bubbles++ daily doodles::. by misty314

Character Design - 7 - So, what I’m getting at is that this character is a thunder beast of some kind. It is somewhat hard to tell if it is a “raiju” unless stated otherwise, thought it does fit the description of one. Besides that I somewhat enjoy the characters design and color selections. I also enjoy her outfit, From her Ear ring to her shoes.

Personality - 5 - not sure what mental excellence means. And a lovable personality already has other personality traits in it, its either you use the other personalities in it or go with something else. Maybe replace it with Affectionate or Generous. Besides that it seems good.

Backstory - 3 - All I got from this is that she makes thunder storms and the person who had a hand in the birth to her is evil. (BEST STORY EVAR, 10/10 WOULD READ AGAIN)

Environment - NA- Could not find ANYTHING about interactions

Creativity - 6 - I do like the idea of controlling lightning and shape shifting, though I question why you placed in Demonic Powers and Shadow Manipulation on a lighting beast.

Average - 5.25 - Not bad, but not good either. Yes, your character does a great design and awesome powers, but you really should describe more with your backstory, I literally scavenged almost your whole gallery for an answer and I got nothing. You should also fix your characters personalities aswell.

Also, if I am missing anything in this review, you may tell me ONLY ONCE and I will change the review.

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